SOAKED MOIST is a comics anthology inspired by awesome underground comix from the 1960’s and 70’s. I created this anthology to show off the work of some really awesome cartoonists that I have been on projects with in the past and to show the work. It has over 50 pages of art comics from 16 cartoonist from all over the world.

Here is this list:

Alex Schubert
Andy Scott
Daniel McCloskey
Eric Shonborn
Gabriel Corbera
Jason Young
Josh Bayer
Josh Burggraf
Pat Aulisio
Kyle Martin
Lizzee Solomon
M Young
Mike Madsen
Nate McD
Sam Cochetel
Stephanie Neary

SOAKED MOIST to debut at…
S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) 
in Columbus, OH April 21 + 22

Donate. Get Comics. Get Moist.


Nate McDonough makes a Comic Book

Nate McDonough (long-time Andromeda and magnificent comic artist) has wrote and drew a 160 pg graphic novel that is simply astounding. He’s trying to get this thing printed so help him out by supporting his Kickstarter. Also you can view it for free here:
 To check out the cool things you get for supporting his Kickstarter please click here

T-Shirt Designs for Sam Goodwill

Sam Goodwill is an artist on Wild Kindness Records and he’s coming out with a new album this year. For the release of his new album he’s asked a handful of artists/designers to create some shirt designs for him. I am one of those artists and above are the designs that I created for one of his shirts. He still has to pick one so it’s not clear which one of these will become a reality, but I thought that I’d share them with you until then. Enjoy!

They’re Everywhere!

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This 4 pager I whipped up in the past week was created to be submitted to my friend Pat who’s assembling a comic anthology called “Soaked-Moist” which will be available sometime early in 2012. I may also publish this story in Andromeda #17.

Wild Kindness

My friend David from Youngstown has been raising up an independent record label for over a year now under the current moniker, Wild Kindness. I’m always down to help out with creative, pioneering endeavors and he was in need of an artist/illustrator to make some artwork for CDs, fliers, posters, etc. So I extended my services to further the label’s exposure in the Eastern U.S. music scene and also the work gave me something to do in down time between cartooning and other illustration projects. David’s constantly working at improving the label and promoting the worthy artists he carries under Wild Kindness. To see more of what he’s been doing and where he’s headed check out the Wild Kindness website!

And here is some work I’ve done recently for the label:

Hello & Welcome

This is the first post on Little Tired’s new/first site. There will surely be more to come soon. Until then check out all of the posted content from past issues and other stuff associated. I’ll try to find/make some interesting things to show everyone to create interest as this progresses. It’s getting cold in Pittsburgh and I’ll need to start finding busy work to sustain the long nights and blistering winter winds. If you’re also bored this winter then submit some comics or art or both.


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